Overseas Conference

FCSJ: Liberating Theologies Speaker Series (24-25 Sept, 2021)

Presentation by Pearl Wong

Topic : Introduction of LGBTQI+ activism in Asia and the new world order of Christianity in the global context


I would like to begin by sharing with you my “coming out” story that eventually “called” me to my ministry.

  I attended a church of the Assemblies of God in Hong Kong almost 18 years ago. I was serving in various ministries at first, but once my church leaders found out that I am lesbian


From top left clockwise: Kristine Chong, Elizabeth Leung, Yuri Horie, Su Yon Pak, and Pearl Wong


On March 26, 2021, PANAAWTM organized a webinar on "Introducing Asian/North American LGBTIQ+ networks." The event was moderated by Dr. Su Yon Pak of Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Panelists included Kristine Chong, a second-generation queer Corean American spiritual facilitator, and weaver; Rev. Dr. Yuri Horie, the first out-lesbian pastor in Japan and a researcher at the

Presentation at GIN Side Event on Sept. 28, 2020

The impact of faith on LGBTI people during the COVID-19 pandemic

Presented by Pearl Wong, Queer Theology Academy, Hong Kong SAR


  First, Social distancing cut-off LGBTIQ+ people from Their Caring Communities and Interconnectedness

  According to a recent survey conducted in May this year with 860 LGBT+ in Hong Kong, respondents suffering from probable clinical depression rose from 29% before the Covid-19 pandemic, to 32%. Respondents


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Click here to read the Speech by Pearl Wong (Queer Theology Academy, Hong Kong)

We believe that today, more than ever, it is crucial to differentiate between individuals’ and communities’ expression of faith and belief, and the politicization of religion. We have also seen religious leaders and communities advocate for the most marginalised, including sexual